The TNT Platform is a multi-mobile game that features various simple hyper-casual games launched as Web 2.0 and later converted Web 3.0 games. The platform will initially feature a total of 4 games, Swipe Brick Breaker, Bounce Brick Breaker, Fly Fish and 2048 with many more to be released in the near future as the platform makes it’s jump from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0
Unlike the traditional P2E systems, where you enter the game and earn profits by making large investments or by purchasing NFTs, our TNT platform has a drastically lower playing threshold as you can participate in the games for free or through in-app purchases.
The games which will enter the TNT Platform already have a large global fanbase, considering their many years of existence. There are 18 different types of casual games which are currently active, and there is a strong focus on Swipe Brick Breaker, Bounce Brick Breaker, and Infinite Slice as they have had millions of downloads and high numbers, also in the millions, of monthly active users. Swipe Brick Breaker is popular all around the world with its 30M downloads and nearly 50% daily retention rate.
In the near future, we are planning a global launch of our TNT Platform with its various games, the first one being Swipe Brick Breaker, and by gradually gathering and releasing other games on the platform. Our goal is to change gaming with a simple and fun P2E integrated gaming platform. As we know that there is a different audience – crypto and gaming, we hope to create a bridge for the two to interact with each other and for both to explore the different markets.