TIA can be navigated through both web and mobile browsers to ensure accommodating various users. TIA is built with a powerful and adaptable technology that can provide services to many people around the world. Notable technologies that were used in the development process of TIA are JavaScript, React, Node.js, php, Laravel, and others.

Blockchain Technology

Although most decentralized applications (DAPP) blockchain technologies are developed on Ethereum networks that offer a high scalability as well as a solid infrastructure, which also comes with a hefty gas fee that can burden users, TIA have decided to put the user first and adopted a Polygon network that reliably provides affordable gas fees and faster TPS.

Furthermore, TIA broke the traditional "centralized" approach and introduced a "decentralized" approach based on blockchain technology. This is a concept which is known as Play To Earn (P2E), which allows users to play games and make profits at the same time by dividing token assets and ownership within the TIA game to users. P2E is a new paradigm beyond Pay To Win (P2W) where you have to spend money to win games.

Blockchain Wallet

Users who are new to the Web3 ecosystem face high barriers due to the nature of understanding blockchain technologies and blockchain wallets that hold assets. In addition, existing blockchain wallets have problems such as requiring users to store "Private Key" and "Mnemonic" separately to hold assets. To lower entry barriers, TIA provides users with a one-stop wallet and technology to set custom passwords like the existing Web2 instead of hard-to-remember secret keys and mnemonic. In addition, the wallet of users who used to use the existing Web3 ecosystem can be invited to the TIA game.

Cryptocurrency token

TIA has issued 'T-brick' tokens based on the ERC-20 token provided by Ethereum. Furthermore, it provides a token transfer function between users and a token transaction history reading function.

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