Game Summary

TNT stands for Treasure and Trophies, which players can obtain by playing different games. The treasures will be acquired by scoring within the game allowing players to later claim their rewards that are known within our platform as trophies.

Our games are initially free to play, however will require you to later provide a certain amount of TNT in-app currency known as Blue Bricks and Red Bricks. As players run out of entry currencies, they will get the option to either purchase more Blue Bricks or to receive them through our daily reward system that offers a certain amount of free Blue Bricks. Other methods also include inviting friends to the game which can generate users with more in-app currency.

By playing the different games available on our platform, players will be able to obtain Red Bricks that are convertible to T-brick, the in app-token. The token is interchangeable with other types of cryptocurrencies. We currently give our players access to polygon, which is obtainable by switching the T-brick into Polygon MATIC, therefore allowing users to cash in-app currencies to real money.

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