Swipe Brick Breaker

You can score points by sending the ball on the floor towards the desired direction or angle to break the bricks. The value of the brick increases regardless of the brick line coming down from the top, and the green ball can be found in certain blank spaces where the bricks are not present. By touching the green ball, you acquire it, additional ball will be given and making the line of balls longer that on its turn can touch more bricks which eventually leads to increased points. If one brick reaches the floor, it is game over and you must start again.

Single Mode

As with the traditional Swipe Brick Breaker’s scoring system, if you break all the bricks you move up to the next stage and get points for the level-up.

Reward: Gold box

The more bricks you break, the higher the score, and the more rewards you get from the Gold Box! When the gauge bar is completely filled up, the reward is initialized, and you will receive a gold box. One great thing is that each game is not limited to one gold box! As long as you keep refilling every gauge bar, and it is not game over, you can acquire multiple gold boxes. You can see the status of the gauge bar on top of the screen. After the game is over, you can open the gold boxes and receive the rewards.

Ranking Mode

Compete with users from all over the world and get highly ranked! Unlike Single Mode, you can score as many points as the number indicated on the brick. The rewards handed out are depending on the number of users entering the game. you can see the ranking of the players and the amount of people that played the ranking mode. Also, the highest number of rewards that were obtained and the highest score ever.


If you fire the ball and destroy a brick, the combo rises by 1. If the combo is kept, and increases because the bricks are continuously being broken, your points will get multiplied. The combo will be broken if the brick is not broken.

Special Bricks

During the gameplay, certain bricks can suddenly change color or shape completely different from the other bricks. Breaking this brick will give you a higher score than the normal ones.

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