There are 16 squares in total. When starting the game, one of the 16 squares will be filled with a cube containing the number “2”.

By swiping, an additional cube will appear with the number “2”. You can then add the numbers which are the same, which will cause for the two cubes to merge and go together creating a cube which displays the number “4”. Later 4 + 4 = 8; 8 + 8 = 16; and so forth. Cubes with higher numbers could also start appearing after a while.

These cubes will keep generating as you swipe, and the goal is to get the highest number possible after putting cubes together. If the tiles are all full of cubes and you cannot add the same-numbered cubes together which are placed next to each other it is game over.

Single mode

As you combine the same-numbered cubes together you will get points according to that number. The higher the number on the cubes, the higher score you will receive by combining them. The maximum amount of rewards that you can get is 500% of the entry fee that you paid.

Reward: Gold box

The more cubes you combine, the more rewards you get from the Gold Box! When the gauge bar is completely filled up, the reward is initialized, and you will receive a gold box. One great thing is that each game is not limited to one gold box! As long as you keep refilling every gauge bar, and it is not game over, you can acquire multiple gold boxes. You can see the status of the gauge bar on top of the screen. After the game is over, you can open the gold boxes and receive the rewards.

Ranking Mode

Play against other players and get more rewards. There are also extras in this mode such as the combo and special brick. In this mode, there is only 1 entry fee possible which makes the threshold to enter the tournament very low and inclusive. Aside, you can see the ranking of the players and the amount of people that played the ranking mode Also, the highest number of rewards that were obtained and the highest score ever.


Every time you combine cubes, the combo will increase until you swipe and do not combine 2 cubes together.

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