Fly Fish

The fish automatically moves in the lower right direction, and when touched or touched for a long time,the fish moves upward. The game ends when the fish touches the ceiling, floor, or bump. The further to the right from the starting point, the more points you can get. If the fish touches a random item in the middle of an obstacle, the fish size changes and you can get over obstacles for a certain period of time.

Single mode

Games can be played individually in this mode and the further you move from the starting point to the right, the more points you can get.

Reward: Gold box

The further to the right from the starting point, the higher the score and the more rewards you get from the gold box.When the gauge bar is completely filled up, the reward can be acquired, and you will receive a gold box. One great thing is that each game is not limited to only one gold box! As long as you keep refilling every gauge bar, and it is not game over, you can acquire multiple gold boxes. You can see the status of the gauge bar on top of the screen. After the game is over, you can open the gold boxes and receive the rewards.

Ranking Mode

Play against other players and get more rewards. In this mode, there is only 1 entry fee possible which makes the threshold to enter the tournament very low and inclusive. Aside, you can see the ranking of the players and the amount of people that played the ranking mode. Also, the highest number of rewards that were obtained and the highest score ever.

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