Blue Brick

The Blue Brick is an in-game currency used as an entry fee, which is required to play in the game. The amount that will be consumed is according to the type of game, or tournament, as they have different entry fees. The more you pay as an entry fee, the more rewards you receive. After participating in the tournament/ranking mode, the top players can win the Red Brick depending on the tournament results and the entry fee.

There are different ways to acquire Blue Bricks:

1. In-App purchase (Paid): You can purchase the Blue Bricks with payment methods you choose yourself in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

2. Friend recommendation (Free): You will receive the Blue Bricks for free after you recommend the game to your friend, and they install it using a code.

3. Daily reward (Free): Blue Bricks will be given for free according to the daily event which is just logging in. You must click the redeem button to receive the daily free reward.

4. Airdrop (Free): Free Blue Bricks can be acquired through Airdrop by doing TIA Marketing Activities.

The number of Blue Bricks that you can receive after purchasing with your account through the Google Play Store or Apple Store are dependent on the amount you pay. For example, if you want to receive 1,000 Blue Bricks, you must pay 1 US Dollar. After the purchase is confirmed and completed, you can check the payment receipt in the TNT App itself.

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